Each team will receive a bulletin of the tournament´s regulations and games schedule after its arrival at the tournament office.

1. Age categories

New Belgrade Summer Cup 2022 is a youth tournament designated for boys and girls in these age categories:

  • Boys 2004
  • Boys 2006
  • Boys 2007
  • Boys 2008
  • Boys 2009
  • Boys 2010 and younger
  • Girls 2006 and younger
  • Girls 2008 and younger
  • Girls 2010 and younger

Participation of younger players is allowed in the respective category. It is strictly forbidden to participate in respective category for older players (outside the age limit).

In case of violation of this tournament rule, the team will lose the game by walk over the result.

The second violation of this tournament rule will result in disqualification of the team from the tournament.

All team results will be walked over.

Each player can be part of only one team in his/her own category.

Clubs, school teams, regional teams or national teams are welcome to take part in the tournament.

2. Playing courts

The tournament matches are played only in indoor halls with a playing court of 40m x 20 m.

3. Tournament rules

The tournament follows the international rules approved by IHF and with some small amendments.

More information can be found in the tournament’s bulletin.

4. Handball balls

  • Boys 2004 play with size 3 (58–60 cm balls)
  • Boys 2006 play with size 2 (54–56 cm balls)
  • Boys 2007 play with size 2 (54–56 cm balls)
  • Boys 2008 play with size 1 (50–52 cm balls)
  • Boys 2009 play with size 1 (50–52 cm balls)
  • Boys 2010 and younger play with size 1 (50–52 cm balls)
  • Girls 2006 and younger play with size 2 (54–56 cm balls)
  • Girls 2008 and younger play with size 1 (50–52 cm balls)
  • Girls 2010 and younger play with size 1 (50–52 cm balls)

The team listed as the first one in the official match timetable has to provide a perfectly clear regular playing ball of the above-mentioned dimensions for the match.

The organizer has the right to provide game balls for matches’ eventually game balls from our sponsors and partners.

5. Matches

A team is guaranteed to play a minimum of 5 matches.

The playing time:

  • Boys 2004 all matches 2 x 20 minutes
  • Boys 2006 all matches 2 x 20 minutes
  • Boys 2007 all matches 2 x 20 minutes
  • Boys 2008 all matches 2 x 15 minutes
  • Boys 2009 all matches 2 x 15 minutes
  • Boys 2010 and younger all matches 2 x 15 minutes
  • Girls 2006 and younger all matches 2 x 20 minutes
  • Girls 2008 and younger all matches 2 x 15 minutes
  • Girls 2010 and younger all matches 2 x 15 minutes

Other regulations:

  • 2 minutes break for changing the sides
  • There is one team time-out per each half (30 seconds)
  • There are two referees nominated to every match.
  • A maximum of 20 players can be nominated for the match, all of them have to be listed on the official Match protocol
  • There has to be listed minimally one leader and maximally four leaders from one team

6. Playing system

There are preliminary round groups of a minimum of 4 teams or a maximum of 5 ones. The preliminary round groups are based on the robin round system.

Every team plays a minimum of 3 matches and a maximum of 4 matches in the preliminary round group. Preliminary round group final rankings determine each team´s qualification for the placement games.

Competition format for each category depends on number of participating teams.

The organizer has the right to make changes in it.

The final version of competition format will be published in tournament bulletin.

Play-off matches

The teams ranked 1. and 2. in their preliminary round group will qualify for next stage.

Next stage is based on the knock-out system.

The winners will play matches for the tournament trophy, and defeated teams will play matches for final placement.

Placement matches

The teams ranked 3, 4, or 5 position after the group phase will play placement matches.

7. Ranking of teams

Ranking of teams in preliminary round and in main groups are decided as follows.

The teams will be ranked according to the first possible of the following:

  1. the total number of points won in the group
  2. the number of points from mutual matches
  3. the goal difference from mutual matches
  4. the number of goals scored in mutual matches
  5. the total goal differences in the group
  6. the total number of goals scored in group matches
  7. the lottery

In all knock-out system matches, final matches and bronze medal matches if is equally after regular time, each team shoots 3 penalties (7m throw), and if is still equally one by one until winner.

8. Age identification

All players are obligated to prove their identity with passport, photo ID card or players card if requested.

Due to checkups we would like to ask the participants to always carry one of the documents with them.

The organizer does not control the pertinence of the player to each club according to legislative rules of relevant federation.

If a team uses an unqualified player they will be excluded from the tournament.

9. The roster / Listing of players

Each club must prior to the arrival (or the latest in the day of the arrival) fill in a list of all participating teams.

The roster contains the names of all players, who are according to the tournament rules allowed to play for particular teams of the registered club.

The team roster should also contain at least one name of a team leader.

10. Medical facility at the tournament

The organizer would like to point out that all participants take part in the tournament at their own risk.

Medical staff will be present in every hall in case of emergency or to treat minor injuries.

In case of an injury that requires hospitalization, the participants are responsible themselves for the costs of the treatment or hospitalization charges.

For hospital treatment is necessary to carry with you all the time your health insurance card or prove of travel insurance.

11. Tournaments jury

The jury will deal with all cases that are not stated in the IHF rules or in the official tournament regulations and also with any objections, complain or appeals that may occur during the tournament.

If there is any protests - must be notified within 15 minutes to the tournament jury on the playing court after the actual game is finished.

Then within 60 minutes the protest must be handed in to the Tournament office by the team manager.

The protest fee (100euro) has to be paid at the same time.

It will be returned if the protest is accepted.

A player who gets a direct red card will be automatically suspended for the next game.

12. Awards

Awards to best teams

The organizer awards with prizes the most successful teams of the tournament which means teams placed on first, second, third and fourth positron in each category. These teams will receive a prize – original cup with logo of New Belgrade Summer Cup. Teams placed on first, second and third positron will receive medals.

The number of medals will be equal to the number of players in team /maximal number of 20 medals per team. Prize award ceremony of best teams in final will occur as part of the program of the last final day in prize winning ceremonies.

Awards to best players

Based on the game performance in every single match a specially appointed jury will select the best player of the match. Best players will receive small plaque with New Belgrade Summer Cup logo.

The award ceremony of best players will occur as part of final day program in the award winning ceremonies together with best teams award ceremonies. These best players will receive plaque with New Belgrade Summer Cup logo and gifts from tournament partners:

  • MVP of the tournament
  • Best goalkeeper of the tournament
  • The tournament best assist player
  • Best defender