RK Krivaja - Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Handball club Krivaja from Zavidovici, a small town in Bosnia represents one of the most successful clubs in the former Yugoslavia. They were four times vice-champions. Many of the big handball names such as Jasmin Mrkonja and Djoko Lavrnić have been raised in Krivaja, known as winners of the Olympic Games and world championships.

The Handball club Krivaja has had the best school of handball since the war period in Bosnia and Herzegovina and now it counts 130 members of all ages. The youth national teams of Bosnia and Herzegovina mostly consists of boys from the Handball team Krivaja. The coordinator of the handball school is Haris Galijašević.

The Handball club Krivaja will participate in the New Belgrade Summer Cup 2017 tournament with the generation of boys born in 2002. They will compete in one year older category. The coach is Isak Imamovic.