RK Sindjelic - Serbia

The handball club Sindjelic is also one of the participants of the New Belgrade Summer Cup 2017 tournament. This year they will participate in all three age

categories: boys born in 2001, 2003, 2005 year.

The handball club Sindjelic was established in 1956 and is known as the club where many top handball players began their careers such as Nedeljko Jovanovic, Vladica Stojanovic and Bogdan Radivojevic.

The club has over 100 members of all ages. Senior team has been coached very successfully for many years by Nenad Lakic. They currently compete in the Super League B. Most of the senior players in the team have been raised in the handball school Sindjelic.

The generation born in 2001 is very good and competitive and they have competed very successfully for several seasons in the junior category league of Belgrade. The coach is former great player Aleksandar Mickovic, one of the most successful coaches of the younger generation in Serbia.

The coach of the boys' team 2003 is Mladen Aleksic, also a former player of Sindjelic. For this team participation in the New Belgrade Summer Cup 2017 tournament will be the first international experience.

The youngest members of the club, boys born in 2005 will also play their first international tournament this summer. The coach is Nikola Maksimovic, who started coaching at very young age. He gained his handball knowledge as a player, one of the best in his generation which now he transfers to the boys.